Electric Scooters For Adults

How to Learn to Ride an Electric Scooter Along the Street

Beginner or learner riders can easily master control over electric scooters, which appear to be a bit of a challenge for the riding posture, especially for those unfamiliar with the scooters. Battery-powered electric scooters are best for traveling short distances without any hassle and are legally accepted on the streets in most countries.

Checking all e-scooter parts and systems

Most electric scooters are powered by Lithium-Ion batteries and are powerful enough to travel at an average of 15 miles to 50 miles per hour with heavy motors. The handlebar helps maneuver, ride the scooter and is fitted with controls, throttle, brakes, power switch, speedometer, and other displays.

There is a speed controller powering the motor based on the throttle in the handlebar. Most electric scooters have no seat, but many have optional seat attachments for adults that can be fixed. The scooter tires or wheels are available in pneumatic and airless varieties.

Most electronic scooters come with a combination of both electronic and mechanical braking systems along with disc brakes for effective braking.

Safety gear for riding an electric scooter

Helmets: Full faced ones are mandatory for riding any two-wheeler as it protects the rider from the most critical, head or brain injuries, especially when climbing hills. Riders must wear a certified helmet, with a provision for lights.

Gloves & wrist guards are necessary to protect hands and wrists from impact and extreme temperatures, also for better grip on the handlebar.

Knee & Elbow pads are essential to protect elbows, knee joints from injuries, and permanent joint damage.

Protective jacket and pants: Hooded Kevlar jackets and comfortable riding pants are necessary to protect the torso, shoulder joints, spine from injuries.

Accessories like lights, horns, locks, etc: For prominent visibility additional LED lights which can be fitted on clothing or helmets are necessary along with turn signal widgets, proper horns and cycle locks are essential.

How to ride an electric scooter

Invariably wear all safety equipment as a precautionary step before riding the e-scooter.

Here are the basic steps on how to ride an e-scooter.

Start riding on a smooth plane surface to avoid obstacles, potholes, slopes, initially to get control over the motorized machine. Because of the small size of the tires and lesser shock-absorbing capacity, it is better to choose a path with as few obstacles as possible.

Grab the handlebar, be sure to raise the kickstand, place one foot on the scooter deck, straight aligned with the deck. 

Very gently press the throttle to get the scooter moving forward slowly, hold steady and raise the other leg on the deck. It is essential to maintain balance and slow speed in the beginning until firm balance is attained.

Use the handlebar gently with slow movements to maneuver the scooter on the road. Sharp maneuvers can throw you off balance. To reduce speed and stop brakes are to be applied gradually. Ensure initially back wheel brakes are applied, then – the front wheel brakes. In the reverse scenario, in case of fast speed and sudden braking there is a possibility of the scooter overturning.

The stem is the long hard metal tube that connects that handlebar to the front wheels. This can be folded in some scooters to provide portability, but one has to make sure that the foldable ones do not wobble to ensure a steady ride. It always helps if the rider has a fair sense of balance on bicycles or other light two-wheelers.

Scooter riding tips and common mistakes

  • Plan your ways in advance.
  • Turning the throttle hard will make the rider lose control and make the machine jump.
  • While applying brakes always hind brakes have to be applied gradually before the front wheel brakes. In case of using hidden fender brake use caution.
  • Leaning on the scooter while riding will cause disbalance and result in an accident.
  • While turning it is important to adjust your position to keep the scooter upright.
  • In case of an automatic sudden speed reduction for some e-scooters, the rider has to be cautious.
  • Do not ignore safety gear, it’s important for one’s own safety.

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