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Top 5 Best e-Scooters for Kids in 2021

Kids love to have an e-scooter as their ride. The best e-scooters for kids come with a motor and they do not need to be pushed by legs. Moreover, these boys’ scooters are their favorite ride, as they can easily cruise on their rides with minimal effort. These e-scooters for boys also come in various colors and variants, making it another reason why boys are in love with them.

So, considering e-scooters being a hit among kids, let me now list the top 5 e-scooters for kids along with their features and USPs.

#1. Razor E-100

This is the best e-scooter for kids who are learning to control e-vehicles. This is also one of the best vehicles for boys who need to be controlled. This scooter weighs 22 pounds and can go to a maximum speed of 10mph. 

Featuring a twist grip acceleration it has a hand-operated front brake. The fully charged battery allows 40 minutes of drive time. It comes in variants that boys will love to go to school on. All-in-all, this is the best e-scooter for kids and boys in style and on budget.

#2. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

This is the 2nd best in the category of e-scooters for boys with a drive time of 80 minutes. The front hand brakes and retractable stand further make it one of the best scooters for boys. The motor is 85 watts and has to be kickstarted. This kickstart feature is so uniquely designed, that it has compelled me to rank it at number 2nd among the best boys scooters list. 

Another reason this electric scooter ranks among the best e-vehicles for boys is due to its ease of control and stylish body. It comes in illuminating colors and has a power-packed performance. The maximum speed of 10mph is easy to control and gives the required cruising experience.

#3. Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

This electric scooter gives you 13mph max speed. It was launched especially for kids and boys who love biking like an adult. It comes in white, pink, and black variants. It weighs only 21lbs and its design includes a super cool front light. The motor has 250W power and gives exactly the power required to be the best e-scooters for kids. This vehicle also makes the ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays. 

The Hiboy S2 e-scooter is equally good for older kids who can handle the speed. But if trained properly boys will love this bike and cruise freely.

#4 Ninebot Zing E8

This is the best e-scooter for kids and boys under 12 years of age. As it only reaches a maximum speed of 8.6mph- it is ideal for kids who are just learning to control e-scooters. The braking system and suspensions are equally designed to give the best ride experience to kids. 

These e-scooters for boys provide the riders with three ride modes so that kids can adjust accordingly. Apart from boys, this e-vehicle is loved by girls as well, due to its light design and beautiful pink variant. The Ninebot Zing is especially recommended as the best boys scooters for kids who are amateurs to e-scooter driving.

#5 Pulse Performance Scooter

With a thumb-actuated throttle, this e-scooter for kids promises 50 minutes of non-stop playtime. This e-scooter has rear brakes to promise more safety. The vehicle comes with an 80-watt chain-driven motor, so it is completely reliable and safe for kids and can be considered one of the safest scooters for boys. The performance of the scooter goes up to a speed of 8mph. 

Kids who have ridden this scooter are in love with it and use it for their travel. This is also one of the best vehicles for boys as it provides independence to the kids and no-stress to the parents. 

To Conclude,

These best e-scooters for kids are the ones that promise all the fun with total security. Whether it is best scooters for boys or for girls you should always perform a total check before you plan to buy one. Moreover, when you buy an e-scooter for your small kid you have to make sure that it is completely reliable and well-designed so that when your kid is driving an e-scooter you should not be worried about anything. 

Ultimately, the vehicle should be stable and importantly, it should fit in your budget.

So if you too have your list of e-scooters for kids, you can share it with us. Also, we would love to know what in your opinion is the best feature of an e-scooter that you think could be best for boys or girls. It can be anything from the safety features, braking system, the life of the battery, or even the stylish design or colors. Whatever it is about, do share with us!

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