About Me

Wheels are to a marketing professional, what legs are to a man.  I live, breathe, disassemble, swear by two-wheelers, and more so with greater excitement for modern electric scooters and e-bikes for these machines are the best companions I can find to work.  

Modern electric scooters and e-bikes are gadgets ridden with hidden features. Finding detailed, relevant information about these wonderful machines has been a challenge for all these years. This encouraged me to further create a website and share my experience with e scooters & bikes.

Other experts, equally passionate about these machines & their advancement in practice, have contributed greatly to the details this website has to offer. This website intends to showcase the marvelous designs, progressive technology, bundled features, accessories, gadgets, and all the latest developments pertaining to electric scooters and e-bikes. This website also aims to raise the awareness levels of e-technology of scooters and bikes and provide driving hacks for readers to attract their interest towards these convenient, hassle-free, eco-friendly machines. Wish you happy reading and comparing.